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About Us

Chao Praya CatfishThe idea of Siam Fishing Tours, was first hatched between 3 friends from Kent in the UK in late 2005, all 3 of us had been frequent visitors to Thailand for many years. The business is Anglo- Thai owned and managed.

Why are we different to other fishing tour companies?

Siam Fishing Tours is a young,  yet established and well run fishing agency, whose working knowledge of Thailand’s fishing venues and guides as well as how to get the best out of a visit to Bangkok and Thailand ensures we can offer the visiting angler an unrivalled holiday experience. Whether your fishing crazy or not, whether your an experienced angler or not, we can offer you the best chance of hooking and landing some of Thailand’s biggest fish, 85% of our guests leave Thailand having landed there biggest ever fish. In three short years we have already accounted for the following specimens for our guests:-

Arapaima to 183kg/400lb

Arapaima near 400lb!As well as these specimens we have accounted for dozens of fish that exceed weights claimed as world  records.  We accomplish this whilst also providing Thailand’s most personal and friendly angling service, that caters for anglers and non-anglers alike. Our expertise is in offering impartial, bespoke itineraries that are not bias to one venue or another. We ask our clients what they want to achieve and organize their itinerary in the manner that is most likely to achieve it. The fish are not always difficult to catch, but getting and taking honest advice is the challenge here in Thailand for visiting anglers, especially with so much hype out there about records, and captures in the name of research. Sorry but we are not about this, instead, we never forget the fishing is supposed to be fun and that you are on holiday!  If our holidays are lower cost than most it bears no reflection on the quality of what we do. It simply means we aren't expecting you to cover the cost of our promoters.

Giant Mekong Catfish to 100kg/220lb

Giant Mekong CatfishAn English speaking host will be with you throughout your fishing travels  around Thailand ensuring that you get the best advice about swims, techniques, bait etc at each destination. You will be amazed with your travels around Thailand, it's ever changing scenery and situations, you will find yourself amazed at the diversity of your trip, from the most basic and smallest of fishing ponds, to wind swept reservoirs surrounded by jungle strewn cliffs , 5 star resorts, boarded fishing parks. Every venue offers something completely different in terms of both setting, the facilities on offer, and the species available to catch.  We balance the time spent at each destination with your own expectations. Should a venue be fishing poorly or you achieve your target early, we remain at your disposal to adjust your trip, moving on if necessary or staying longer.

Giant Siamese Carp to 55kg/122lb

Giant Siamese CarpLurking in the depths of Thailand’s various fishing lakes, rivers and reservoirs, lay some of the biggest freshwater fish in the world. Thailand is home to 4 of the world’s largest freshwater fish and  fishing these venues  is one of the most unforgettable experiences an angler will ever have. You just don’t know what might be about to take your bait! As an added bonus there is Bangkok to explore on a day or two off, or some of the world’s most pristine beaches. You won’t miss out on anything Thailand has to offer on our trips because we can build in as much or as little free time from fishing as you choose. Check out some of the itineraries and our day trip offerings and you will see just how flexible a fishing holiday can be.

Amazon Red-tails to 37.5kg/82lb

Amazon Redtail CatfishAlong with the best selection of venues to choose from we also offer  the widest rnage of choice for your accommodation, something no other company does. Overall the SFT experience will allow you to work hard for that fish of a lifetime at the appropriate venues but also provide an opportunity to relax, take in the Bangkok nightlife as well as Thailand’s beaches should you so choose, or fish hard, the choice is yours. And because our itineraries are so flexible we can cater for families, couples and solo anglers with equal satisfaction guaranteed.

Regardless of your angling background or group needs, SFT can provide a holiday that will be truly memorable for all concerned. You will probably never catch more species of fish anywhere in the world than on a week or twos fishing in Thailand!

Chao Praya Catfish to 52kg/115lb

Chao Praya Catfish

So for the best fishing holiday experience  and the best chance of catching your biggest ever freshwater fish check out our fishing packages and contact us now.

As you will  see by spending time on our website we have worked hard to prepare the best  packages available at the best all round price. (to see pricing see holidays section).

At SFT we also use some of the best fishing equipment available from Free Spirit, Shimano, PowerPro, Fox, JRC, and more.



Need more convincing before you ultimately decide who to book your trip with?  Then, perhaps you should read on:-

When we take people fishing, WE take people fishing! That means 100% accountability and availability to our guests, not just the guests that suit us, but all of them. You don’t have to work for a fishing magazine, in TV,  or for a tackle manufacturer to get our undivided attention. That means we share with our guests the frustration of a slow fishing day, as well as the joy of an exceptional capture, we will be there with you through it all. Sharing great fishing with friends is what we like to do.

It’s easy to claim to be interested in conservation (we do), or perhaps to align yourself with those that claim they are, all for the sake of publicity (we don't!), but  it's  sometimes harder to practice what is preached especially in an environment where the humane handling of fish is much lower down in the list of priorities in the local community than in Western Countries, it's astonishing that even some conservationist's and researchers don't "get it" when it comes to the rights and wrongs of handling animals, clearly they never came from a farming background like yours truly! Humanity and conservation go hand in hand, and if an individual doesn't understand one principle, they are unlikely to understand the other.

 Siam Fishing Tours persist with the same conservation and humane minded principles as we would have in the UK. In fishing terms that means barbless or flattened barbs when applicable (predator fishing), unhooking mats, a bottle of clinic and an overall  attitude of putting the fish first, regardless of whether it is of specimen size or not.

It means not encouraging inappropriately light fishing lines in an attempt to make a record. It means not fishing for fish that might be spawning or pregnant. Most people agree on and understand these simple concepts, yet bizarrely people who claim to be interested in conservation don't seem to have a problem with some of these activities, they almost seem proud of some of them in fact!

Being humane might mean not weighing a large fish if it looks in anyway distressed. In our first few years we have captured numerous fish that would of qualified as a world record, but we don't go all out to get them qualified, we put the fish first, and for large species that can be a life or death decision for the fish. And finally the practice of "tethering". We have never tethered up a stingray or other large fish, not for a photo, not for research and not for any other purpose. We catch and release, an easy concept for most humane, conservation minded anglers to understand, and the approach that gives the fish the best chance of a quick and full recovery from it's capture.

Siam Fishing Tours where the first operator to land every single fish at Bungsamran on an unhooking mat regardless of the species or the size of the fish, Bungsamran recently placed rubber mats in every swim, after 3 years of us persisting with mats, it's not perfect, but it's a sign that local fishery owners and anglers are starting see the merit of humane handling.

We are still waiting for the day when all tour companies take full care of their captures, and perhaps if all the tour companies did use mats religiously, it would not be long before everyone including the Thai's was providing a "Sofa for the fish" as one lady Thai angler described so beautifully when she saw the unhooking mat for the first time. When looking around on various websites offering Thai fishing trips, ask yourself a couple of simple questions. Can I see any unhooking mat in the dozens if not hundreds of photo's being presented? If not vote with your feet and don't book that tour! How can any company claim to be interested in conservation or the welfare of fish and yet overlook one of the most basic tasks involved in the  humane handling of fish of all sizes? The simple answer is they can't.