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Thailand's Food

Thailand's fabulous cuisine will make your fishing holiday a culinary delight!

About Thai Food

A selection of Thailand's famed cuisine Like the fishing, dining out in Thailand is an experience not to be missed. Bangkok boasts some of the finest restaurants in the world, it really does have the most delicious cuisine you can possibly imagine. Many of the flavours found in Thai cuisine are created by ingredients that westerners just don't seem to use, but when they taste it they love it nevertheless.

Some Favourite Flavours and Ingredients are:

  • Sweet. Created by palm sugar (from the coconut tree) and raw cane.
  • Sour. From ingredients like tamarind and lime
  • Spicy.From those indispensable and somewhat fiery Thai chillies and galangal. Most food is tamed down when ordered by a westerner so don't worry too much!
  • Salty. From things like fermented fish sauce, which is delicious and tastes nothing like it sounds, through to soy sauce which is mainly used in chinese/laos style dishes.
  • Rice. This staple food of the Thai people is like nothing you've ever tasted before in rice! It is a fragrant, flavoursome and revered throughout Thailand...with good reason.
  • Noodles. Rice or wheat, thin or thick, boiled or choose. Delicious either way, handmade and fresh as a daisy.
  • Vegetables. In Thailand these are always fresh! From familiar items such as beans, bean-sprouts, sweet pea, corn on cobs, through to less well known items such as "Pak Bun", Baby Aubergines and many many more.....all are delicious when prepared by Thai's

The Thai just love their food.

If they're not actually eating then rest assured, they are thinking of it and will be doing it pretty soon! Bangkok has to be the centre of the world for street cuisine due to the cities extremely reliable weather and in addition to this, the quality of many restaurants is exemplary. Eating on the street is a way of life for the Thai and it's fair to say many of the street vendors are serving up a vast range of different food stuffs that should make many a western chef wonder what they missed out on at cookery school. Which in our opinion is rather a lot! Their ability to cook up a delectable bowl of soup, a plate of noodles or vegetable's cooked to perfection in just a few minutes is art in action to watch and an exquisite delight for the palate to taste. You can wander around Bangkok and easily find a vendor that purely specialises in lets say, bbq squid or king prawns...the size of which will make you drool. Move a few paces down the road and there's a salad joint, rapidly followed by a noodle or soup chef, then a pork or fish soup stall, neighboured by a chicken vendor and then take a step further and there you'll find your vegetarian place, carry on walking and you will find the very next thing your stomach desires. Eat a bit here, eat a bit there. It truly is a food heaven. Everything is fresh and sourced from one or more of the many early morning Bangkok food markets where produce is shipped in daily from every corner of this lush and beautiful country.

The markets themselves are quite a site to see and if your a bit of a foodie then you really should go out of your way to visit one and experience the frenetic atmosphere that these markets can create. Who knows, you might even find something unusual you've never seen before and you'd like Nok or Nat to cook it up for you when you bring it back home. It can be done. For the adventurous amongst us, once you have experienced Thai street cuisine there is quite simply no turning back.

Of course, for the less adventurous, the restaurants also offer exceptional value for money and the following are all readily available:-

  • Thai Restuarants
  • American Restuarants
  • Indian Restaurants
  • Japanese Restaurants
  • Chinese Restuarants
  • Italian Restuarants
  • various other European Restuarants

If your a real die hard, then of course all the usual fast food chains are available too. The cost of your holiday includes the cost of your evening meals at your hosts discretion. This means we are happy to feed you at home before you go out for an evenings entertainment or guide you around the best street vendors in Bangkok. No Michelin Star Restaurants!

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